​​​"David! Please tell me you are going to show me the 15 steps before I buy your guide. I want to get an idea of what the 15 steps are. It would benefit me a lot!" - This is what you are probably thinking.

Step 11:

The Key Is High-Quality Content

You will hear this from me a lot. You have to write high-quality content for your website that people will actually want to read and maybe share with their friends. You learn what I consider high-quality content and why it's so important. I also give you a few more tips.

It Is Possible For You To copy Every single Thing I am Doing To Make Money Online!

I'm not just saying that to say it.

I absolutely mean it.

Ordinary people just like you and me have a huge opportunity to make money online by creating a website and monetizing it in some way.

This is how simple the process is:

Step 7:

Article Ideas From Your Categories

Once you completed Step 6, your next step is to come up with blog post (article) ideas that you will eventually write about. You learn all about this and a lot more in my guide.

I want to help you figure out everything necessary to get your website set up and ready to start blogging.

I want to teach you what you must do to ensure maximum success.

I want to get you started on the RIGHT TRACK TO SUCCESS!

There is a reason why I want to help you.

There are a lot of things that you can do wrong.

I want you to be able to avoid everything that you can do wrong and only make right decisions that will benefit you.

Mistakes happen all of the time and trust me when I say this,

I have learned from my mistakes.

I don't want you or to make the same mistakes I (and many others) have made while starting a blog. 

There is a process that needs to be followed correctly.

​Keep in mind, these are only 3 of my payment proofs from just one advertising network. Your earnings will depend on a lot of factors. I can not guarantee you will make anything, but I am here to help as much as possible and get you started on the RIGHT TRACK to make it possible to earn.

Step 1:

Find Your Niche

The first and most important step of all. Finding your niche. This is where you learn what a niche is and how to pick the perfect niche.

Bonus Step:

Tips and Helpful Advice

Get Social

Email Marketing and AutoResponders

Create Your Own Product

Basics of Pay Per Click Advertising

Success Does NOT Happen Overnight

Pay Your Taxes


Are you ready to learn how to start your own Blog website and make money blogging about something you love?

If you said yes, that's exactly what you should do.

There Is Nothing Stopping You.

In 2017, starting a Blog website is so easy, I can start one in 30 seconds.

Don't believe me?

Watch the 30 Second Video:

Step 12:

Plan Your Future Posts

​Always planning for your future posts to write about is a very important step. You always need to have something you can write about. I explain how and what you should do to ensure you never get writers block.

There is no time like the present.​

Scroll down below and click "Buy Now" to get started reading my guide and taking action on what you learn, immediately.

You will receive my guide, Start a Blog and Monetize after purchasing for $29.99 via a .PDF file that will be delivered instantly on my Thank You Page. 

If you are having doubts, contact me and I will personally answer any questions you have.

​​Not only will you receive my guide, but you will always have access to me personally when you need my help, if you need an honest opinion on your website, or if you want me to give my honest opinion on your potential niche or domain name.

That is what I am here for.

To help you as much as possible.

Helping others is what I love to do and what I will always do for the rest of my life.

The Beginners guide starting a blog and monetizing It

Step 8:

Learn The WordPress Dashboard

Your WordPress dashboard is a powerful tool, but it can be very confusing if you are a beginner. Do not worry, you will learn everything you need to know about the WordPress dashboard, and a few tips. 

I have a lot of reasons why my guide will benefit you:

- It is easy to follow, understand and comprehend.

- You will get started down the right path.

- Simple step by step process to follow.

- Cheaper than wasting time trying to research everything yourself.

- Blog website is the easiest to manage.

- Created with beginners in mind.

- No nonsense, straight-forward information.

- You learn what works and what does not.

- Learn from an experienced website owner.

- You learn how to create your website very easily.

- You learn about other services that make it possible to start a blogand learn more.

- You learn what I recommend to make this process as easy as possible.

- You learn EVERYTHING you need to know about working with the WordPress dashboard.

- You get extra tips that may benefit you.

- Images and Resources.

- You always have access to me personally and receive my help and advice.
(Think of me as your mentor)

​- Receive help from others that know this industry like the back of their hand.

​Plus, you will learn and receive a LOT more after you receive my guide.

Step 4:

Choose Your WordPress Theme

A WordPress theme is what makes your website look and function a certain way. I explain exactly what you need to look for when choosing a theme and how to make it look exactly the way you want it to look. 

Step 2:

​Find Your Domain Name

Another very important step (All of the steps are important) that will take some time to accomplish. Finding the perfect domain name that matches you and your niche. You learn what a domain name is, how to find one, what I personally do to find one, and I give you a few tips on choosing a domain name.

Start a Blog and Monetize will be available instantly after purchasing for $9.99 via a downloadable .PDF file link found on the order confirmation page and on your order receipt you receive via email.

Any .PDF file reader will work to access this e-book. 

Don't have a .PDF file reader?

Contact me before or after purchasing and I will help you out.

Step 10:

Create Your First Post

After you pick a niche, find a domain name, choose a hosting company to register your domain name, choose a WordPress theme, get a logo, find your categories, create article ideas from your categories, learn the WordPress dashboard and create your important pages, you will create your first post. You learn what you should write about and you learn a few different types of posts you could write about. You publish

Ask yourself this first...

How much is your time worth?

You could probably find half of what is in my e-book by doing your own research, but who knows how long that may take. It took me years to figure out the correct process, and like I mentioned earlier... I made a lot of mistakes along the way.

​Plus, you can easily skip a very important step you may not realize you needed to take.

Even worse, you could make a mistake that costs you money!


I don't know about you, but I hate spending money on something and not getting what was promised.

You don't have to worry about that when you purchase my guide. 

I wrote Start a Blog and Monetize with the mindset of teaching a complete beginner how to create a website and monetize it.

I took the time and made the steps to start a blog and make money as easy as possible for you.

However, there is one thing I can not do for you.

I can NOT make you take action.

Only YOU have control of that.

You need to take action right now by purchasing my guide.

It will be the first step of many steps, that can really pay off for you. 

(Depending on how hard you work on your website and depending on the quality of content you can write.

That's what you learn about in my guide and what I am here to help you with.)

​​​​​​That Is Why I Wrote My Guide Start A Blog And Monetize!

I made the whole process of starting a blog as simple as possible, as easy as possible, and as cheap as possible. 

I Broke It Down Into 15 Easy To Follow Steps.

Are You Ready To Learn Step By Step What It Takes To Start A Blog Website And Make Money?

If yes, go ahead and click the Buy Now button to buy my guide.

1. Affiliate Marketing

(Affiliate Programs)

2. Advertising Networks

(Banner, Text, Video advertisements)

3. Creating Products

(E-book, Courses, Guides, etc...)

Step 9:

Create Your Important Pages

​ALL websites are required to have certain types of pages. You learn what pages you will need for your website and I make it as easy as possible.


I am going to briefly explain each of the steps my guide is about!

There are a LOT MORE STEPS to the process than what is mentioned above.


Which is exactly what I am here to help you with.​

How Am I Going To Help You?

Let me explain. My guide Start a Blog and Monetize teaches you every possible step you need to follow through out your blogging journey. You start with finding your niche and end up constantly and consistently creating content. With a lot of steps in-between.

Step 6:

Choose Categories For Your Niche

After choosing a niche, you should already be thinking about categories for your niche. Categories are a specific topic of your niche. You will learn how to choose categories for your niche, which is dependent on your next step.

Hello Friend,

​If you don't know me already, I want to officially introduce myself. My name is

David Pate and I own and operate a few different types of websites that receive millions of monthly visitors in total, and because of that, I can now confidently say:

"I Make A Living Working From Home, Because Of My Websites."

​I do not make money just because I own a website and get traffic.

It is what I do with my websites that earns me money on a 24/7 basis.

What I do is not a secret by any means, but it is information and knowledge that can take you years to figure out just by doing your own research, without any help or one-on-one training.

I have finally figured out the process of starting a blog (as a complete beginner), and ending up with a dominant website that earns you money and a website people know and recognize.

You want to know what the best part of it is? 

​(The Part that will Benefit you)

I wanted someone with no experience at all to be able to follow my guide and start a website of their own, the right way, and not make a lot of mistakes along the way that will cost you a lot of money.

​That's exactly what you will learn from me.

I am NOT promising you will get rich quick or anything like that. I also can NOT promise you will not make any mistakes throughout your journey. Mistakes happen. No one is perfect. If you follow my guide, you shouldn't make many mistakes, but as I stated, I can't promise it.


You MAY NOT benefit from my guide if:

you are highly experienced at creating blog websites.

- you have already learned everything about creating a website and monetizing it.

- you are trying to find a get rich quick scheme (This is not it).

- You don't have the time and resources to run a blog website and continue to create articles.

Step 15:

The Last Step

The last step is basically where you learn that you always have to create high-quality content that people want to read.


You WILL benefit from my guide if:

- you are new to starting a blog.

- you need help figuring out what you need to do after you started your first blog website.

- you want to learn how to create a blog website.

- you want to make extra money by running a blog website.

​- you want to learn how to manage and run a real (online) business.

I Bet You Want To See Some Proof This Works

Lucky for you, I have been doing this for a while and I have a few payment proofs to show you that my websites were responsible for.

Step 5:

Create or Buy a Unique Logo

Once you have your niche, domain, hosting company and a theme you love, you need a Unique Logo to match your domain. You learn everything about this process and I let you know what I recommend doing to get a logo as cheap as possible.

Start a Blog and Monetize will be available instantly after purchasing for $9.99 via a downloadable .PDF file link found on the order confirmation page and on your order receipt you receive via email.

Any .PDF file reader will work to access this e-book. 

Don't have a .PDF file reader?

Contact me before or after purchasing and I will send you a link to access the e-book or help you find a .PDF reader.

Do NOT Go Another Day Without Reading my Guide That shows you step by step how to start a blog website and make money.

​It's about time you found...

Start a Blog and Monetize will be available instantly after purchasing for $9.99 via a downloadable .PDF file link found on the order confirmation page and on your order receipt you receive via email.

Any .PDF file reader will work to access this e-book. 

Don't have a .PDF file reader?

Contact me before or after purchasing and I will send you a link to access the e-book or help you find a .PDF reader.


You can implement Any, All, or a Combination of any of the methods above to monetize your website.

There is no limitation as to what you can do with your website.

Anything Is Possible!

I truly mean that.

With enough time, money, motivation, hard work and dedication, you can make anything happen.

​I want to answer a question you probably have.

Is Start A Blog And Monetize Right For You?

Is My Guide Start A Blog And Monetize Worth $9.99?

Step 13:

Create Your Second Post

Using the information you gain in the last couple of steps, you need to write your second post. Your second post is the most important post and you will learn why and what you should write about.

Still Not Sure If This Whole Process Of Starting A Blog Website And Monetizing It Is The Right Thing For You?

Let me explain the Top 3 Ways a Blog Website can earn you money:​


It really is that simple to make money online with your own website:

You Start Your Blog. Create high-quality posts, Monetize it in some way, Receive Traffic, Make Money.

Step 14:

Apply and Join Affiliate Programs

Once you have a couple of posts that are high-quality, you are more likely to be accepted into an affiliate program. I explain how to find affiliate programs related to your niche, how much you could earn and how to implement affiliate links to your website.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

I want to answer another question you may have.

How Will Start A Blog And Monetize Benefit You?

Step 3:

Choose Your Hosting Company

A hosting company is exactly what it sounds like. A company that will host your WordPress website. You will learn what I recommend and what to look for when choosing your hosting company. You will choose your hosting company and get your website live.